Endo Nasal Care

The use of a balloon in endonasal cranial adjusting came about in the 1940’s. Cranial adjusting itself, however, has been practiced for centuries. From India to ancient Egyptians to the Paracus culture in Peru (2000 BC to 200 AD) many cultures around the world have seen the value to cranial adjusting. Even Hippocrates (400BC) wrote of the skull bones misaligning at the joints or sutures.

In 1947, an individual by the name of Janse J. published the first known version of a balloon assisted cranial adjustment describing the pressurized Nasal Specific Technique. In 1951 and again in 1954,FinnelFLpublished work that described the operation and function of the nasal balloon.

The practice and awareness of Bilateral Nasal Specific was further developed by Dr J. Richard Stober from the mid 1950’s until his passing in 1988. Dr. Stober was based in Portland, Oregon USA, he taught the affect and practice of Bilateral Nasal Specific at both the Western States Chiropractic College and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine.

One of Stober’s students Dr. Dean Howell has taken the practice of Bilateral Nasal Specific to the next level and practices today using the same method as the base for his treatments. Howell calls this Neurocranial Restructuring or NCR and is based out of the state of Washington, USA.