Heading into the cooler months there are three very important health tips that come to mind. If you follow these three tips your chances of a healthy fall season will increase substantially. Here are those 3 health tips:

  1. Trade sweets for healthy snacks. Studies show that 1 teaspoon of sugar will reduce your immune system’s function for up to six hours. Those sodas and sugary snacks will provide you with short-term bliss; however they will also hamper your body’s ability to ward off contracting the cold or flu. If cutting out all sweets seems to be too much of a challenge, you may consider reducing your intake by 1/2.
  2. Stretch before activities. Cold weather can do serious damage to your joints, ligaments and tendons. Where you might be able to get away with a brisk morning run during warmer months without stretching, it can cause much havoc to your body if you don’t warm up during the cooler months. Your stretching routine doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process. Even 5 minutes of pre-activity stretching can make a world of difference. Also, keep in mind that it is just as important to stretch your muscles after your workout.
  3. Receive your chiropractic wellness adjustment =). The testimonials we receive from our patients speak loud and clear of the benefits of regular care. We encourage you to bring your whole family in for a routine adjustment. Good alignment promotes a healthy nervous system, allowing your body to consistently function at it’s peak performance, thus helping prevent a major breakdown in health!