There is a painful and often disabling condition known as “trigger
finger”. Trigger finger is a health problem in which one or more of
the fingers will not straighten on its own.
Patients with this
condition will often have to use their opposite hand to manually
straighten the locked finger.
Other patients may experience generalized stiffness or discomfort
in the joints of their fingers but not yet have a trigger finger.
Sometimes this stiffness becomes worse in the morning shortly
after awakening and other times it may become more pronounced
later in the day after prolonged or strenuous use of their hand.
If you have ever experienced pain or stiffness in your fingers,
there is a good chance that you have an underlying condition that
can be corrected with gentle chiropractic adjustments to the
fingers, hand or wrist.

Small misalignments of the hand and finger joints can occur as a
result of repetitive stress or direct injury. These misalignments
place a significant amount of stress on the tiny finger joints. This
may eventually lead to pain and stiffness in the fingers and hand.
Conditions such as trigger finger, arthritis and hand stiffness
respond extremely well to specialized chiropractic adjustments to
the joints of the wrist and hand.

Our clinic has become known by many of the area health
practitioners as the “place to go” when you’re suffering with a
hand complaint. We take great pride in offering this unique
chiropractic treatment option for the hand pain sufferers in our

If you use your hands repetitively or strenuously we recommend
that you ask us to check for restrictions or misalignments. Tiny
misalignments of the bones in the wrist and hand can go
undetected for a long period of time before they begin to develop
symptoms. Because of that it would be beneficial to have your
hands checked and adjusted periodically.