There are three factors that can increase your chances of developing a painful hand condition from using your smart phone. We will discuss them as well as what you can do to greatly reduce the stress on your hands while messaging or texting.

Prolonged Texting:
One of the greatest factors as to why you may suffer a texting related hand injury is the length of time you spend texting at once.
Typing on your smartphone for more than 10-15 fifteen minutes can begin to fatigue the tiny hand muscles and cause stress on your thumb and finger joints.

Sending several long text messages over the course of one hour is less
stressful on your hand than sending those same texts within a ten minute period. What’s more traumatic on your hand is if you engage in mass texting for extended periods several times each day.

Single Handed Texting:
Holding your smartphone in one hand while using that same thumb to type will potentially lead to overuse of your thumb joints, especially where it connects to the wrist. The thumb has a broader range of motion and is therefore more versatile than the fingers. This gives the thumb the natural ability to type away on the touch display of your phone.

The challenge with this is that your thumb will often encounter stressed motions and positions as the movements are not natural. You’ll be inclined to stretch your thumb outward or move it into compromising positions as you employ single handed texting. A better solution is to hold your smartphone using both hands, while one or both thumbs participate in the typing process. This will alleviate much of the stress and strain on your thumb joints.

Size of Phone or Handheld Device:
From a hand health standpoint, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to the phone you choose. The smartphone options made available in the marketplace offer a variety of sizes. A larger phone will typically be heavier, but that’s not the primary concern. With larger phones your thumbs will be forced to stretch farther across the display, causing a greater amount of physical stress to your hand.

This is especially so with single handed use as described above. When using a larger device, you definitely should consider using both hands when texting, messaging or surfing the web. Excessive texting and messaging will certainly lead to increased hand stress and fatigue. This has become a real health concern as it can cause serious hand problems. Understanding and implementing proper biomechanics and usage techniques will promote healthier hands and a more enjoyable texting and messaging experience.