Most people don’t realize they can get their feet adjusted. There are 26 bones in each foot, all of which can lose their healthy alignment and lead to a painful foot condition. Here at this office we focus on helping patients who suffer with foot pain. A gentle foot adjustment will realign the foot bones and correct the underlying cause of many musculoskeletal foot problems.

In the meantime, here are a few exercises that may reduce foot tension and tightness, helping you cope with the stress from a long day and provide some foot relief. Although there are many different exercises and variations you can do, we are going to discuss three that are very easy and beneficial for reducing foot discomfort.

Calf Raises: Although you can do calf raises while barefoot, you’ll find that it’s less stressful on your feet while wearing a comfortable pair of tennis shoes. You should stand behind a chair or in front of a wall to support yourself as you rise completely up onto the balls of your feet then lower yourself back down. Repeat for 5-10 repetitions depending on your tolerance. Calf raises are a great way to strengthen the legs, arches of the feet and increase circulation in the lower extremities.

Arch Massage: You can massage the plantar muscles using a tennis or racquet ball. This should be done in a seated position with socks or bare feet. Sit back in your chair and relax your body and legs as best possible. You can also place both hands under your thigh in order to stabilize your leg and reduce stress as you roll the ball under your foot.

Start with the ball underneath the 2nd toe and roll it in a circular fashion under the forefoot region. Do this for about one minute. Then move your foot back and forth to massage the arch from heel to toe across the entire plantar surface. There’s no need to push down on the ball as the natural weight of your leg will provide enough pressure to massage the plantar fascia and muscles of the foot.

Toe Curls: While seated in a chair, place a bath towel on the floor and smooth it out so it lays flat. You can do this exercise with either one or both feet. Place your heels near the edge of the towel and your toes pointing toward the center. Using your toes, grasp the towel and pull it toward your heels. Lift your toes and repeat several times. Toe curls exercise the muscles on the bottom of the foot that support your arches.

If you perform these exercises each day it will help to temporarily alleviate minor foot pain as well as prevent future foot discomfort. Exercising your feet regularly may not correct the underlying cause of a foot condition, but a chiropractic adjustment often can. If these exercises don’t seem to do the trick for your foot pain, then you may need to get your feet adjusted.