Chiropractic adjustments to the bones and joints of the feet, is one of the most effective long-term solutions for a myriad of common musculoskeletal conditions involving the foot. Because we focus on foot care, some patients have asked us about ways to prevent or even cure toenail fungus.

Although toenail fungus is not a musculoskeletal foot condition, there is one
recommendation we have which can provide a major benefit with reducing or eliminating fungal foot conditions. Whether it’s nail fungus, athlete’s foot, or some other itchy skin condition involving the feet, this recommendation may provide a simple, effective solution. Fungal infections involving the feet are not an uncommon occurrence. With over a quarter of a million sweat glands on your feet alone, they are a magnet for bacteria and a ripe environment for fungal growth. Because a wet environment is optimal for breeding a fungal infection, anything you can do to limit moisture around the feet will help to prevent fungus.

One way to prevent and treat nail infections and athlete’s foot is by wearing a high quality antifungal pair of socks. Fungal infections thrive in warm, sweaty places, therefore athlete’s foot is something you may find difficult to escape if you wear cotton socks. Regular socks hold moisture, thus making your feet sweaty, grimy, and more prone to bacteria and skin or nail infections. Instead, you need breathable socks that will wick away the moisture, keeping your feet cool and dry. This will prevent fungus from growing.

One of the best fabrics we’ve found that possess great antifungal properties is wool. The challenge with many types of wool is that it’s very itchy and therefore uncomfortable for most people. Depending on your age, you may remember wearing wool socks as a young child. The insulating, water resistant effects of those old wool socks may have been somewhat of an undesirable trade off for softer, more comfortable cotton socks. However don’t judge all wool socks by the same standard, because there is one
particular type of wool that feels amazingly comfortable, does not itch at all, and yet continues to provide a wonderfully dry environment for your feet.

This type of wool is known as merino wool. Merino wool consists of thinner fibers which are much more tolerable to your skin. A popular brand of merino wool socks is Smartwool . Smartwool socks come in a variety of color schemes and styles. Although they’re a little pricey compared to many other brands of socks, you’ll definitely realize their value after wearing them for a few weeks. In fact you may notice a considerable difference and benefit from a comfort standpoint the first time you wear them. Before you risk the many harmful side effects of a lengthy dose of prescription antifungal medication for toenail fungus or athlete’s foot, our recommendation is to attempt this natural remedy and give merino wool socks a try.