A patient who has suffered an injury in which they fractured a bone, will sometimes say something such as, “I broke my ankle so chiropractic can’t help me.” However in actuality the exact opposite is often the case. While it’s true that chiropractors don’t adjust fractures, it is vitally important to have the nearby joints checked for misalignments. If a force or trauma was strong enough to break a bone, that means there was more than enough force to cause misalignments at the neighboring joints.

For example, let’s assume that you fell and severely twisted your ankle, and as a result you broke one of the bones in your ankle or foot. In addition to the broken bone, you would have most likely also suffered a joint
misalignment in the foot, ankle and possibly even the knee. Of course the immediate treatment should be to stabilize the fracture and have it casted or braced appropriately by a medical expert; however, as soon as
the healing process permits you should have the neighboring joints checked for misalignments.

You should be rest assured that in most cases it is completely safe to be checked and adjusted shortly after having suffered a fracture. While we may not be able to adjust the areas immediately adjacent to the actual bone
that broke, we would most likely be able to address other body regions which may have been affected during the injury.

Every case is unique therefore we would certainly want to perform a thorough examination prior to adjusting the area that was injured. In the unfortunate event of an injury that results in a fracture, we recommend that you schedule to have an examination here at this clinic to rule out potential misalignment problems, and to determine your options in having those misalignments corrected.