Have you ever suffered with foot pain or leg pain? These are both very common symptoms that people will experience from time to time.

In most cases, people who experience leg or foot discomfort will experience a specific pattern of pain that is easily identifiable and diagnosed by their healthcare practitioner. An example may be pain at the bottom of the heel, most likely signifying planter fasciitis. Another example is sciatica, which is pain that radiates down the back of the leg to the foot, indicating a possible pinched nerve or disc problem in the lower back.

However there are also those cases where a person may experience pain throughout their entire lower extremity, involving the thigh, knee, lower leg, and foot. These pain patterns often produce diffuse pain throughout the entire leg, possibly affecting the front and back of the leg, or even both lower extremities.

When pain patterns are so broad, affecting most of the lower extremity, it can become difficult for any health practitioner to diagnose exactly what is causing the pain. Failure to identify the actual cause will often lead to inappropriate medical care being applied in attempt to address the patient’s health concern.

In some cases a diffuse pain pattern involving the entire leg can be related to a circulation inconsistency. Other times it may be something systemic happening within the body. However after both of those have been ruled out, a commonly overlooked and therefore unidentified causative factor is of a musculoskeletal origin.

Patients who present to our clinic with painful, achy legs and feet, who have been searching for solutions to their pain patterns have often responded very well to getting their feet and knees adjusted.

Misalignment of the joints in the feet and knees will commonly lead to specific pain patterns and dysfunction, however in certain cases the pain patterns become widespread and non specific.

Having your feet and legs adjusted may be the missing link in your journey to optimal health. If you know of somebody who suffers from painful, achy legs and feet, we appreciate you for recommending chiropractic as a plausible solution.