Can more purses mean better health??!

For many women, handbags are one of the most expensive items on their shopping list, as well as one of the most satisfying purchases as shown by retail surveys. The pleasure associated with buying a new
fashionable purse often trumps the excitement of getting that new pair of heels. Purses although fun and exciting for many women, may also lead to great stress on your body. Certain purse designs or carrying habits may add undue stress to and become the primary culprit for various types of back pain, neck pain and shoulder conditions. Here are three purse carrying traits that can have a negative impact on your health:

Carrying your purse on the same side of your body. This is the most common purse carrying mistake that women make. Many activities are done using either a right or left handed preference. However
some activities allow us to be ambidextrous without too much thought or practice. · Lugging a purse around is one of those instances in which sharing the stress between both sides of your body throughout the day will prove to be a significant stress reducer. However many women choose their favorite shoulder to carry their purse on and rarely switch. This can lead to body asymmetries and structural health issues. Patients who have a chronic hand condition may find that their purse is one of the stressors that have a negative effect on their hand problem. Conditions such as trigger finger and hand arthritis can be aggravated by carrying a purse with a flimsy strap or handle. This applies when hand carrying your purse, and also when temporarily holding it before placing the strap over your shoulder.

A firm handle will allow even weight distribution across your fingers.                                                      
This will lessen the stress on the tiny finger and hand joints,
especially on the pinky and index fingers because they tend to take

the brunt of the trauma associated with carrying a purse by hand.


Carrying the same purse or similar design of handbag every day can
lead to a routine pattern of sustained stress. If you don’t regularly
alter the style of purse you use, your body may potentially develop
an abnormal postural asymmetry.

Some purses may contain fewer items and the weight will vary. Other purses will have a different thickness to the handle or strap, which will distribute the weight differently across your shoulder. With a shorter purse handle you’d be inclined to carry it by hand verses over your shoulder. If you use an assortment of handbags, each one with a slightly different shape, size and weight, you’ll notice some variations in how you lift and handle them. Because of that, you’ll experience a variety of changing stress patterns versus the same routine stress pattern on a daily basis. This will have an overall positive effect on your body. Wearing a fanny pack occasionally would also reduce body stress. More people are scaling down on how many things they take with them, thus making the fanny pack a viable option for some. With Christmas rapidly approaching, what a great holiday wish list idea – more purses!