The shoulder is an amazing joint because it has such a wide, unrestricted range of motion. Because of its versatility the shoulder can also become easily injured due to compromising motions or activities. There are three positions or movements that you should avoid at all costs, especially if you have previously or currently suffer with shoulder pain.

  1. Working with your arms overhead.
  2. Reaching behind your body to lift or move something.
  3. Sleeping with your arms overhead.

Working With Your Arms Overhead

Sometimes patients will complain of tingling or numbness in their hand, thinking that it’s probably carpal tunnel syndrome. Although carpal tunnel syndrome causes those symptoms, so does a certain shoulder condition known as thoracic outlet syndrome, which places stress on the nerves and blood vessels that travel through the shoulder into the arm. Working with your arms overhead for short periods is generally acceptable, however when you must work with your arms overhead for prolonged periods of time it may cause great stress and strain to the muscles , nerves and blood vessels in the shoulder. When this happens you may experience symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome.

Reaching Behind Your Body To Life Or Move Something

The most common activity that comes to mind is when you reach behind your car seat to get something. You may do this dozens of times, but then all of a sudden one of those times your shoulder experiences pain. This position or movement can weaken the shoulder joint and supporting muscles which may lead to injury. If you have ever injured your rotator cuff this motion may be considerably dangerous and should be avoided.

Sleeping With Your Arms Overhead

This position may seem innocent but it can also cause significant stress to the muscles, nerves and blood vessels in the shoulder region. When you sleep in this position it’s not uncommon to develop tingling or numbness sensations in your hands. The healthiest position for your shoulders and arms is to remain in as neutral and relaxed of a posture as possible with whatever activity you are participating in. If you must place your shoulder and arms in an awkward or compromising position, always take frequent breaks to allow your body time to rest.