You may have dreaded cooler weather or rainy seasons due to the potential for increased knee pain or other joint pain, but you may not have considered the effects of hot, humid weather on your physical health and pain levels. While cold weather and/or a dropping barometer can increase aches and pain, hot weather typically increases swelling and pain.

Rising heat and humidity can increase swelling patterns and cause expansion of joints, tendons, and muscles. Scar tissue can be especially susceptible to the effects of hot, humid weather, which can cause prior injured joints to experience increased pain. Chronic conditions can have painful flare-ups at any time, however during the initial heat of summer weather, increased pain patterns are more common. Eventually your body will become more acclimated, thus allowing you to better cope with the increased heat and/or humidity that summer brings.

Here are a few things you can do to minimize your joint pain during warmer weather.

1. Keep your body well hydrated. The regular intake of water will help to flush your body of a build-up of toxins. This will assist in reducing patterns of swelling and inflammation.

2. Stay cool as often as you can. Remaining indoors on extremely hot days is a great way to keep cool, however that may not always be possible depending on your social or work setting. If you must venture outside, take ample cooling breaks throughout your day by going inside an air conditioned space. Another way to cool down is to find a well shaded area, preferably with a breeze.

3. Avoid overexerting yourself. Although this point goes without saying, it is a lot easier to overexert yourself on a hot, summer day. If you are having to perform intense, physical labor outside in the heat, it may help to work at a slightly slower pace to avoid overexerting yourself. Your joints that are most affected by the heat will suffer increased stress patterns and pain at a lower level of tolerance when you overexert your physical being.

4. Keep your body well aligned. A misaligned joint will be more easily affected by increased stress from summer heat compared to a properly aligned joint. Periodic chiropractic wellness adjustments through-out the summer months will help mitigate aches and pains and help you move and function much easier